The Big Three

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How can the Big Three be the key to me getting back to my desired weight and size? Better yet, what and who are the Big Three? The Big Three are three groupings of major muscles on your body. When these Big Three are consistently worked every week, not only is weight loss and ‘body size satisfaction’ a guarantee, but it also starts to become easier to maintain your weight and size as well. Sound too good to be true? Please read on.

Introducing the Big Three.

  1. Chest: When this major grouping of muscles are worked, not only is the chest being worked, but the triceps, back, and shoulders are being worked as well. So, the next time you go into the gym and you have chest on schedule, know this, that you are not just working the chest, but a myriad of other muscles as well.
  2. Back: When this major grouping of muscles are worked, not only is the back being worked, but also the shoulders and biceps. It gets better. When is the last time that you looked at anatomical chart on muscles of the back? The back anatomy includes the latissimus dorsi, trapezius, erector spinae, rhomboid, and the teres major. Just naming these doesn’t do it justice; you have to look at it for yourself.
  3. Legs: When this major grouping of muscles are worked, not only are the legs being worked, but you must understand what the legs are comprised of. Of course the front of the leg having our quadriceps(4 muscles). Then the back of the leg having our hamstrings(3 more muscles). Not to mention the muscles of our lower leg( at least 9 more muscles). Yet it doesn’t stop there. You still have the butt(3 more muscles) and then there is still other major muscles of the hip. The legs are full and overflowing with muscle after muscle after muscle. Why do people skip leg?

In summary, by consistently working The Big Three every week; especially in compound exercise form and fashion, there is no possible way that you can’t reach your desired weight and size in a short amount of time. How, you ask? Remember, the more muscle that you stimulate, will result in more fat and calories burned, and more weight lost. Also, your body will start tightening and toning tremendously from it. So, get a plan and make sure you are hitting The Big Three on a week to week basis.