Start doing away with ‘Back Fat’ forever

Start Doing Away With ‘Back Fat’ Forever

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The mere fact that you can’t see your back is probably why you don’t even think about working it. Unfortunately, the times when women are aware of their backs are when tight shirts, bras and sport bras are worn; which happens to be everyday! The awareness is brought about not because of the awesome feel of the material, but because of the dreaded ‘Fat Back Rolls.’

By incorporating these exercises 1-2 times a week, any woman, will be well on her way in tightening and toning her back muscles.

Back Fat Reducer Workout

These three exercises, all target the following muscles the make up the back and give your back its form and fashion. By consistently working these muscles, it will help you to decrease and eliminate the dreaded fat back rolls.

Muscles worked: Latissimus Dorsi, rhomboids, trapezius, rear deltoids, erectors, and biceps.

Medium grip pulldown38-1090 sec
Bent over rows36-890-120 sec
Hyper extensions310-1260-90 sec

Perform these 1-2 times per week. Make sure you take 3 days in between before repeating this same workout.

Medium Grip Pulldown

Stance: Adjust a pulldown machine so that your thighs fit snugly underneath the support pad. Take a medium overhand grip on the pulldown bar and sit up tall, leaning back a few degrees from vertical and lifting your chest.

Direction: Pull the bar toward your chest by directing your elbows to the floor and inward toward your waist, contracting your shoulder blades behind you as if pinching a pencil between them. When the bar nearly touches your clavicle, squeeze hard, then slowly reverse the move, coming back to the starting position without locking your elbows.

Bent over Rows

Stance: Stand with your feet hip-width apart, knees slightly bent. Hold a barbell with a wider than shoulderwidth overhand grip, bending forward with a straight back until your torso is 45 degrees to the floor and your arms are hanging straight down from your shoulders, elbows unlocked.

Direction: While exhaling, pull the barbell toward your rib cage by driving your elbows back and up, to where your triceps are almost coming above your back. Squeeze through your back muscles by driving your elbows back and up. Reverse the motion by lowering the barbell while inhaling.

Hyper Extensions

Stance: Lie face down on a hyperextension bench, tucking your ankles securely under the footpads.


  1. Adjust the upper pad if possible so your upper thighs lie flat across the wide pad, leaving enough room for you to bend at the waist without any restriction.
  2. With your body straight, cross your arms in front of you or behind your head. This will be your starting position. Tip: You can also hold weight for extra resistance in front of you or behind your head.
  3. Start bending forward slowly at the waist as far as you can while keeping your back flat. Inhale as you perform this movement. Keep moving forward until you feel a nice stretch on the hamstrings and you can no longer keep going without a rounding of the back. Tip:Never round the back as you perform this exercise. Also, some people can go farther than others. The key thing is that you go as far as your body allows you to without rounding the back.
  4. Slowly raise your torso back to the initial position as you inhale. Tip: Avoid the temptation to arch your back past a straight line. Also, do not swing the torso at any time in order to protect the back from injury, and last but not least; squeeze your glutes hard at the top of the movement.