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In this first installment of the Big Three, I am talking about our pectorals(Chest). All men and women need to embrace these muscles because at first glance, the chest is probably the most noticeable. Whether people tend to admit it or not, a well developed chest is an attention getter, but most importantly, it is a huge confidence builder.

Women, please know this, that the looks of a woman’s breast goes beyond the mammary tissue, which happens to lay underneath in the pectoral muscles. Remember what I said about pregnancy robbing your bodies of muscle. This means the muscle that once lifted your breast, is now gone, and it too needs to be rebuilt. So, if you want to give yourself a natural breast lift, then build up pectoral muscles.

Men, if you find that your chest is starting to sag; start building up your pectorals. It will not only help those saggy boobs, but will also boost your metabolism because strong active muscles burn fat. The more fat you burn, the better you will look, feel and weigh.