Cheat vs Reward Meals

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Before I get to my recommended frequency of these meals, I want to make sure you have the proper lingo when referring to these meals.  What I mean by that is, typically people call these satisfying delights CHEAT MEALS instead of REWARD MEALS. To truly have the success you want in getting back to your desired weight and size, you can not afford to refer to these meals as being CHEAT MEALS.

Here’s my reasoning.  If you know you are cheating, and you already know that cheating is something ‘bad,’ then you will react in a negative way towards your delicious delight.  For example, let’s say you have been keeping your eating pretty simple, efficient and effective, and then you have a CHEAT MEAL. As a result, inwardly, you think you’re doing something bad.  Therefore, as you’re eating this cheat meal, you start getting down on yourself and before you know it, that one CHEAT MEAL has turned into two CHEAT MEALS, into three CHEAT MEALS, into four CHEAT MEALS.  

Now you are at the point that you are frustrated with yourself and you start developing a CHEATER MENTALITY.  At this point, you are probably calling yourself a CHEATER and the entirety of your good attitude has just crashed and burned.  You are like, “Who cares, I’m already CHEATING, so I’ll just continue to CHEAT!”

It’s like seeing a package of oreos in the cupboard.  You say to yourself, “ I’ll just have two.” Before you know it, you’ve downed 4-5.  Unfortunately, your response is, “ The heck with it, I’ll just have the entire sleeve of oreos.”

So what’s taking place here?  You are seeing yourself as a no good for nothing CHEATER and a failure.  From the negative connotation that the word, ‘CHEAT’ brings, you have just spiraled out of control, and you are continuing to repeat the very activity that got you here in the first place.  

Nevertheless, if you look at these meals as REWARD MEALS, then you are looking at them as something good.  So, when you do REWARD yourself, it’s not something bad, it’s actually something good because it is going to rev up your metabolism.  Also, if you happen to have too many reward meals, you now have the proper mentality of just moving forward from where you are, while cutting back on the REWARDING.

So really it’s a mind shift.  It’s a different, but correct way of thinking and talking in the pursuit of your success in you getting back to your desired weight and size this year.

In closing, you are no longer allowed to refer to these meals as CHEAT MEALS.  From here on out, you must call them REWARD MEALS. You must look at them as REWARDS not as CHEATS, because believe you me, if done right, these REWARD MEALS will help rev up your metabolism in such a way, that you can still have the REWARDING foods that you love, and at the same time, get back to your desired weight and size this year.